People often ask if we do "small boat" projects.  The answer is a resounding "Yes!  And here are a few...

Yet another Necky Kayak to open water rowing conversion

This Spring, another Necky Kayak converison entered our shop for conversion. Open water rowing requires a different configuration for what is, otherwise, a standard kayak. This particular version of a Necky makes it a good candidate for conversion, as the owner of this Necky requested. After finding one in the Lower 48, they approached Ashbreez to do the conversion.Similar to the prior one, the same process was used and it was completed in time for a long-planned late-spring Prince William Sound trip.

Necky Kayak

The owner of this Necky Kayak does expedition kayaking in open waters off Alaska's coastal waters. This particular kayak was purchased for his daughter. He wanted to refurbish it for her, installing a coaming and regelcoating the cockpit. Here are the highlights of that project.



Boston Whaler 13

No boat is truly "free", right? This little Whaler was given to this customer. The "hitch"? It had a cracked bottom. He wants to use it as a runabout, perhaps on the Kenai or elsewhere, to get him and his daughter out on the water. There seems to be a theme here, doesn't there? Families on the water, whether in kayaks, runabouts, or 20-30+ footers. Here are the before and after pictures of the repair. Nothing fancy, but the entire bottom was also regelcoated to a workboat finish.  Additional cracks on the skegs and chine were also repaired.