Honker 20

Honker 20 (named "Fast Times") appeared in the June 2011 issue of Woodenboat Magazine.  Since that photograph was taken and ultimately published, Joel Morse, the Honker 20 boatbuilder, has made some changes, based on his first season of usage.  Below is a picture gallery of some of those changes.


"Fast Times" is a very rugged garvey-style boat.  On flat calm seas in Resurrection Bay, she has topped out at a GPS indicated 42 knots.  While that isn't a speed you would want to operate at normally, it does show what it is capable of doing.  The boat has routinely handled 4-5 foot seas out of Seward and does cruise easliy in the mid-20's.


First, here are some action shots, prior to the changes Joel made.

Below, are current pictures that show some of the new changes incorporated, including a more aggressive deck nonskid incoporating truckbed liner, new cockpit paint, and a new center console.

Interested?  You can commission one of your very own in wood composite or aluminum.  Devlin Designing Boats has designed several models of this garvey-style design, from 14-21 feet.  This particular model that Joel built is an stretched version of the 18 foot model. With such a versatile range of lengths, the possible uses are varied from duck hunting, to fishing, to hunting!


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