As Assortment of Projects

We often have projects that really don't fit with any other of our other categories because there is such a variety of things that we do.  So here is an assortment for your review.

Duckworth 30: A couple of creature comfort additions

It isn't unusual to buy a "new-to-you" boat and want to make a few improvements to meet your specific needs, as the new owner of this Duckworth chose to do. One item he wanted was a small removable table that he could put up for his grandchildren to be able to color on while enroute to their destination or while anchored up, and perhaps it might even double as a small chart table. He also wanted AC/DC shorepower installed, along with a refrigerator instead of an icebox.

Boulton 29: New trailer and some other improvements/additions

The owner of this Boulton wanted to make some improvements to his new purchase, including a new trailer. He chose a Kokopelli Trailer. (Marketed in Alaska by Bruce and Marivel Petska, Homer, AK 907-202-2806 Trailers are a very important component for trailerable boats. People often dismiss their importance; we have seen long-term damage to boats as a result of improper trailer set-ups and customers reporting that the boat yard they previously frequented dismissed their concerns. Proper bunk placement and angle is very important. Over the course of a few hours in the morning, the switch was accomplished.


We are properly equipped to make a trailer change, as you can see in these photos. Other items were also switched out- new faucets, a couple of pumps, new anchor, etc. If they decide they like the sea-keeping chracteristics of this they are going to bring it back for more improvements.

Open skiff new floorboards

Custom floorboards from composite material that is waterproof and light-weight are becoming more popular when the orginal plywood boards, which generally were not properly prepped and sealed on the manufacturer's production line (nor did they use marine plywood), give out and become water logged. Here is one such instance and the replacement boards are pictured.

2001 26' Aurora: New Floorboards/Seatbox and Interior Painting

This owner of this Aurora is in the process of refurbishing his boat. He brought his boat to us for new composite floorboards and the painting of the v-berth, his new seatboxes (fabricated by Greatland Welding), and the new floorboards that Joel custom-built. Below is a captioned slideshow of the work.

Interior Instrument Panel Dash for Bayliner Motoryacht

This was the first of several projects on a Bayliner Motoryacht.  In order to accomodate several new electronics, a custom-made dash panel needed to be created.  As you can see, it isn't just a "box".  Joel's skills working in wood and fiberglass as a composite boatbuilder really came into play as he took both mediums and made a dash that is contoured to its location on the vessel.


Above, on the left, a frontal view of the instrument dash with the instrument positions drawn.  On the right is a side view of the panel.  At this stage, multiple coats of primer have been applied.

On the left, is the frontal view, with the final gel coat applied and the holes cut out, ready for the instrument installation.

Look at that shine! The lighting conditions doesn't do justice to the final gelcoat gloss so we held it at an angle for the picture.

A couple of more photos... on the left you can see the reflection of the pegboard in the final finish. On the right, the rear view of the finished dash which highlights the curves and contours that will mate with the receiving location on the Bayliner.  Again, this was created from a small pile of wood, fiberglass, and epoxy!

And here it is, with the instruments installed! As you can see, Joel made the dash to conture and fit with the existing Bayliner factory dash.  The instruments were installed by Jordan Morse and include two Raymarine E 120 Chartplotters and Mercruiser smart craft gauges