Bumps, Bruises, and DIngs

Welcome to "Bumps, bruises and dings". This section provides overviews of a variety of repairs that we perform as a result of bumps, bruises, dings, and beyond... If you want to see some painting as a result of a "bump and bruise", go to Topsides Painting.A Kingfisher entered the surf zone and Joel did the repaint after the repairs were complete.

Sea Sport 22-1990's vintage

This Sea Sport is from the 90's era and it had some soft spots in the cockpit deck, particularly along the forward starboard side of the cockpit. Once opened up, you can see that there was a fair amount of rot in this portion of the deck from water intrusion. That area was "demo'd", new structure was added, epoxy encapsulated, and glassed. The entire cockpit was prepped and primed for new nonskid and the nonskid paint was applied.

Sea Sport Pilothouse 27: Don't put citronella candles on your deck!

The mosquitoes may be pretty bad at your anchorage, whether you are anchored up for the night or have just dropped a lunch hook to have a bite to eat or try out a fishing spot. But don't use a citronella candle on your deck without putting some type of protection under it first. As you can see, it doesn't take long before it melts through the gelcoat and into the fiberglass, potentially starting a disasterous fire, the thing we all fear most on the water. The pictures highlight the result, along with the repair. (Place you cursor over the picture for the caption.)

Sea Sport 22: "You can't even tell it was hit"

That is a quote from the owner of this boat following the work we did after they were blindsided on the port side by another vessel as he and his guests were heading out for a fishing trip on Resurrection Bay in his "new to him" cruiser. It is amazing the damage was not more severe. Fortunately, no one was sitting in the co-helm seat at the time and no one, in either vessel, was injured. Allstate was the insurer who covered the repairs.

Repairs included fixing the fiberglass damage and regelcoating, a new rubrail for the port side, a new stainless rail for the port side, and a new AJR window with screen.


While the boat was with us, he also had some other work done on his own, including new bottom paint and the installation of port and starboard cockpit bilge pumps to addres the problem of seawater backwashing through the scuppers when anchored up for fishing. The scuppers sit below the waterline when folks are on the aft deck fishing and rather than plug and move the scuppers, we and the owner decided to try this as a solution.

Ranger Tug 32

This Ranger Tug had a steering failure while docking, causing damage to the fiberglass and underlying composite structure. The steering failure was a warranty issue, among other warranty items that needed attention, for which Ranger contracted with us to repair. Here are before and after pictures of the repair.

Yamaha 225 cowling repair

Sometimes when friends try to help you while you are busy tending to other matters, "things happen".  In this case, a friend was at the helm during docking and repeatedly hit the dock with the motor cowling, resulting in a vertical fracture.  Replacement cowlings are not cheap!  So Joel, as part of the refurbishment of the Alumaweld 26+ highlighted on the Refurbishments page, repaired the fracture, so much so that the owner thought Joel had gone out and bought a new cowling.  I thought it deserved its own highlight, and so here it is...

In the photos above, you can see the fracture and dock rash that occurred due to the impact.  In the middle picture, the repair completed, and on the far right-repair completed with new factory decals installed.

22' C-Dory Repairs


This 22' C-Dory came into our shop for damage repair to two areas.  The bow was damaged by the anchor during retreival and the stern quarter on the port side received damage from the trailer tie down strap while the boat was being trailered.

The left picture above shows the anchor damage; the one on the right is post-repair

The left picture above is a close-up of the hole caused by the tiedown strap while trailering; the picture on the right is post-repair.